Jermaine Gordon, volunteer musician, poet, motivator with the OAaSIS is having a busy October month. October 6,7 he made presentation at the conference of the Jamaica Customer Service Appreciation Association at the Pegasu. There his boothe attracted raving comments.

Judith Falloon-Reid collects a copy of "Colour and Power of Your Thoughts" for Independent VoYces from it's author Jermaine Gordon. MICHAEL BROWN PHOTO

That same weekend, he went down to the Jamaica Grande. Last night at Bookophilia, he was selected among many musicians to perform at the launch of the Independent Voyces Literary Arts Fair. The fair is slated for November 7 and Gordon will have a boothe.
This weekend he will be at Merl Grove, with memories of last night to tell.
Last night at Bookophilia he had 4 opportunities and seized them all. Two of them by request, the other two he took when the floor was open for authors, poets and writers to speak.
He whetted appetites, with his poems and stirred visions with his songs, the first being “If I Trust In You To Guide me’.
Struck by chords Dorris Campbell uncontrollably held her hands in the air as she made it known that her appetite was whet.
She was not the only one whose anticipation for the fair Strawberry Fields was heightened.
Throughout the evening others inspired also shared their poems. Omaro Mazlyn did dub poetry for which he claimed a gold last year.

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