Since April 2013, the last minutes a lot has happened. The greatest challenge has been to maintain site information. There is still need to replace information that was destroyed while the site was hosted by Yush network.
The foundation has the added challenge of sourcing needed funds to offset expenses such as hosting fees. Mr Shane Strong of has agreed to host us still so we are obligated to pay him.

A recent contact was made from a Jamaican living overseas to offer assistance through crowd funding. To date however no deal has been finalised.
On the other hand Mrs Marilyn Marsh-Mathis has come aboard with minor support and is taking steps to getting a Foundation officially involved.

Mr Leo Small from Resurrection House Ministries has pledged four computers and printers, and the Foundation is now taking steps to secure a waiver. The computers will be placed at the library for the community of Sargeantville, at the Arts and Skills centre on Jameson Street and two other locations to be confirmed.

As at July 5, we are pleased to note that Mr Andre Walker, a current UTech student and Saints model has recently committed himself as a volunteer in the capacity of intern marketing officer. Ms Sandra Green a one time CXC achiever in the Visual Art is also committed as assistant project co-ordinator. She graduated from Edna Manley July 2013.

We are in need of an accountant.

Monies are owed for hosting fees and to the Registrar of companies as penalties for late submission of forms annually required. OAaSIS reaches out for assistance.

The Foundation is currently hosting 10 weeks of creative workshops in Central Kingston.

Mr Peter Johnson donated a section of his property to operate workshops for the innercity. That aside he also volunteers to man the Suite Jamaica travelling gallery giving exposure to artists, arts and to nonartists to learn about our creative minds, while participating artists earn from sales independent of the Foundation.
In answer to a request from the Tivoli Gardens community, OAaSIS will assist in restoring the playground as one major project.

SECONDED BY: Dwane Forbes, Marvette Facey Dobbs

OAaSIS appreciates every single volunteer. The number grows continually, and it is not always convenient to provide certificates of participation, appreciation or recognition. It continues its mission to assist in developing and advancing those who team up to assist others. At OAaSIs we operate, advance and serve in Skills.

Big up Jamaicans everywhere!

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