So you would like to check out posts available with the OAaSIS! Most if not all, are part time with flexible hours = minimum input = maximum output for all JAMAICA starting with our creative minds!


In response to your application, please read and respond the following. We hope you’ll find it a pleasure and convenience to come aboard, and will remain committed to garnering experience and on-the-task training where necessary. Below are a few roles we would love for you to consider.

Of course, while an upfront stipend cannot be officially offered for all posts, primarily considered voluntary, it is proposed that payments in the form of stipend, salary or contract lump sums can be worked out on a project by project basis as necessary and possible. It gets better when the Foundation has garnered a stable financial footing. Either way you will gain vast knowledge and experience and more in kind.

HERE ARE POSTS for consideration. Please browse both the website of OAaSIS International Foundation and the You Tube channel at THIS LINK

1. Secretary
2. Assistant Secretary/Assistant Public relations officer
3. Online Social media Co-ordinator
4. Public Relations Manager
5. Fundraiser
6. Grant Writer/Sponsorship Co-ordinator
7. Assistant Projects Director
8. Exhibition Officer
9. Co-ordinator: (Pickney Int Creative Youth Club)
10. Representative: (Pickney Int Creative Youth Club)
11. Event Planner
12. Accountant
13. Library Assistant/Liaison officer/Co-ordinator
14. Also combined or specially tailored posts


This post is partially filled by Ms Marvette Camille who chiefly assists with letter/proposal writing esp for sponsors, following up on letters esp with sponsors and volunteers, minutes review and filing electronically and on CD, assistance with submitting letters to government and relevant persons, email reply and maintenance, liaison with library locations
Minutes are done monthly with notes compiled weekly
PAYMENT: Volunteer post, paid by stipend based on contributions
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We NEED an assistant for updating website, assistance with facebook or email message blast, website updates, assistance with event sensitising, We also need someone to produce mini videos to post on you tube combining photos, music clips and text.
(See sample – everything will be supplied you just need to use the computer to build it with the help of JUJU.. who is also helping with this…
NB: Meetings are not regularly held and most times notes can be passed on to said person from any meeting for review, record etc.
PAYMENT: Volunteer post, paid by stipend based on contributions
INTERN IS Kimone Williams, ASSISTANT SECRETARY/PR OFFICER. Probation begins December 3, 2011.

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3. ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA CO-ORDINATOR/PR OFFICER can work in offline capacity

MAIN Roles:
– Launch and manage social media presence on sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc
– Work across departments to ensure proper messaging is being executed online that will help reach the entity’s objectives
– Increase network and membership
– Support and protect brand by making sure that positive messaging is maintained in community and establish consistency of messages
– Manage online discussions by listening to what the users are saying, reading discussion forums, and responding in a timely manner to the users