2012 began with some 20 members being added to the facebook page. On April 1, a count of 904 members exist in the group with some 70 liking the page set up as a holding area for photographs.
Errol ‘Shakka’ Dawes who recently became photographer at www.jamaicans.com has also volunteered to become an official photographer with the Foundation.
While a critical board member, Dwane Forbes is still on a visit in the United States of America, the OAaSIS has since March embarked on two new projects.

In the innercities communities of central Kingston OAaSIS has established presence through numerous tasks, in particular with the Baller Roots Production house along Beeston Street.
Observing challenges faced by youth in those environs, where a number of them are leaning to prostitution, both male and female, amidst other challenges to survive, OAaSIS is investing in education and empowerment.

Along Laws Street in Tel Aviv, the Foundation has adopted the Blessing Basic School in March.
Marilyn Marsh- Matthis was the first making financial contribution to that project.

Agreements were made with renowned Jamaican sculptor Peter Johnson to begin work to develop a arts and skills training centre.
A building which has been donated is in need of repair.
Its a fair exchange as the OAaSIS seeks to establish Peter Johnson as one more artist for reference in CXC projects and education on Jamaica art. It is with pleasure that the Foundation partners with Peter Johnson, an established artist who has copped multiple national awards, and is an OAaSIS volunteer.
The youth in that community from ages 3-25 chiefly will get assistance in areas homework, CXC coursework, classes in English, Arts, computing and special skills. The assistance will be timetabled.

Landowner in St Ann contacted in 2012 for property has promised to reply this week.

So far the John Smellie library at Sargeantville has been temporarily halted owing to the fact that the building went into disrepair and the demands to fix it is greater than the contributing church can handle at this time. Therefore other plans are bring discussed with community heads for independent space.

Four computers are being donated as a pilot project by one company in the US. The Ministry of Education has also been contacted to source a waiver to bring in computers to for the library and planned skills centres.
We do need an internet provider to come aboard and partner by granting internet to areas where computes will be placed.

Congratulations are in order for our secretary Marvette Camille Dobbs on her elevation to being a Justice of the Peace.

1. Critically, the website sufffered major setbacks when issues with former hosts yush.com and yush.net rendered us a site without largely removed material. New host www.shanestrong.com came quickly to the entity’s rescue and has hosted us since December 2012. Work is being done continuously to restore and repair missing material, while new material is being added. This effort has impacted largely on allocation of time but nears to an amicable end.
Mr Henry Mortimer Lindo has pledged to assist with contributing to hosting fees.
2. Other issues arising is the need to maintain good standing with the Registrar of Companies, to set up a paypal account officially for donations.
3. Sponsors are still being approached for offsetting expenses for membership in the Pickney International club

No doubt there are more schools seeking creative workshop series and artistes joining to volunteer. That series resumes soon.


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