Your thoughts ARE welcome in the discussion forum of the newest and fastest group for Jamaica – I Am The Change – which was originated on Facebook by Winston ‘Bello’ Bell. OR at the relating forum on the group’s website!
All you are being asked to do is write one deggae sentence answering the following. ESPECIALLY (1) and (2).
Your thoughts are your first input for already planned and upcoming projects. We appreciate this so here goes–

1. What’s MOST frustating to you about Jamaica?
2. What’s one possible practical solution?
3. How are you willing to assist in being the solution — reflecting “I Am The Change”

HUGE Thanks!


1. Observing how many talented Jamaicans are overlooked, undersold, and underpriveleged plus Jamaicans being a tad too clueless about our uniqueness, talent and culture can befrustrating enough for me! AND then the few clueless who love to steal other people’s ideas and spoil it instead of working with… Boy ohh boy!
2. One practical solution is to encourage persons to team up in helping others practically in the most minute way!
3. I’ve begun my I am the Change years ago, by starting clubs for children around Jamaica, and teaching art and spanish skills, mathematics, english etc.
Early last year, I started a foundation OAaSIS International to network artists in assisting with the development of the creative mind of our youth and artists. OAaSIS is now a part of I am The Change.

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