Are you good at SALES, PLANNING EVENTS, and love satisfying a great audience.

WE NEED your assistance in planning a few events from now till February 2012. This role may or may not be related to the posts offered at You may or may not have a team.

The events/benefits include:
benefit performances, clubbing, beach trips, shows and DARE we reveal more.
Help us put it all together with a network strong to take you to success!!!You can be flexible from home, our office or over the internet.

Your salary/contracted benefits is negotiable. So may the best personality with character cop this post.
If you are without academic qualifications such as a degree in pr and marketing, write in and tell us why YOU deserve to be our representative. Make your ink count.

Write to

or call
812-7177 – secretary MARVETTE CAMILLE
860-2638 – Anthea
561-4445 – Leighton Levy

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