OAaSIS International Foundation networks creative minds to empower youth.. suh dem nuh grow up clueless about the ARTS world, and it being a critical tool to development.
IF YOU ARE A VISUAL ARTIST (category includes journalist, writer, painter, sculptor, jeweller, architect, publisher, artisan, ceramicist etc.) please consider assisting on the following esp if you really check for all Jamaicans and our country:
1. Please allow us to place donation tins at your place of ARTS business so everyone can learn of our projects, as well as donate a coin or two or paper $ will do. READ MORE on locations of tins etc. by clicking here
2. assist with fundraiser benefits et al eg. exhibition
3. Or you may want to just donate to our NCB account number #: 064666886
4. Spread the word about our Pickney International Youth Creative club. READ MORE on the club and joining by clicking here
5. putting out the news.. feature or interview
6. Any other way negotiable between yourself and the foundation.. FUNDS are needed!!!

YES WE NEED —Your talent.. of course in so many ways..projects, workshops, activity sheets, motivator.. but right now we need funds to build two libraries.. paint, stock and pile…
f you are.. or if you manage artists/artistes they too can become involved by participating or conducting project, motivator or workshop

OF COURSE YOU will be featured on the website.


First published October 15, 2010

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