Less than ten years ago, Angela Stribling captured many hearts as host of BET on Jazz programme “Screen Scene.” Less than two years ago she began her singing career. As an RB and Jazz singer she already has commanded the hearts of many in Singapore and Japan to her bidding with her sultry voice.

Angela Stribling

Come July 31, the American from Buffalo, New York, will be a part of the OAaSIS network which will be in Florida to present creative workshop series for youth and adults free of cost there. The Super Arts day is titled “The critical role and impact of the Arts,” and is a US installation of the series travelling across Jamaica.
OAaSIS International Foundation exists to network members of the creative industry (literary, performing, visual including culinary) and relating fields to empower today’s youth. More at OAaSIS site.
US and Jamaica shares certain similarities when it comes to the Arts especially considering that in a great number of government-run schools, courses for arts are either reduced or eliminated all-together. Those who network with OAaSIS share the common belief of the arts being critical to one

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