Depending on how you connect with her, you may label Anthea McGibbon as a journalist, wedding photographer or English and Maths tutor. However, there is more to this unassuming, but energetic woman who recently started a Foundation.
She spent 13.5 years working full time at The Gleaner filling many roles from subeditor, feature co-ordinator (Religion), writer, photographer, to reporter. After that she became an art critic and writer for the Arts and Education section of the Sunday Gleaner.
Beyond that however, she is a multiskilled, multidimensional artist. One of the main reasons she started the OAaSIS International foundation after she realized how little connected Jamaicans were to the Arts. Through the Foundation and her media website she promotes the Arts, Creativity and Culture. She also is dedicated to empowering the creative mind of youth.
Speaking with her one will come to understand her intense love affair with deft skills she possesses in the Arts. As a consultant, she charges very little to assist others to understand their own genius and how to better package and market themselves.
It is important that artists recognise the value of being independent and hence their creative power.

In a recent interview she speaks on her varied commitments.
These (writing, art, foundation, website, services and products) are her extended tools aside from writing for the Gleaner

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