Huge thanks to our newest member Winsome Benjamin.

To start the year off we continue to make plans for launching our library and art department in Seargantville, St Catherine. The building although weathering recent natural disasters, begs for repair before we paint over the BERGER way. So we are now expediently working on getting that done.
If you can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to say so.

Meantime, please stand by for the start up of our workshops.

Until then visit any location of our ART 2 HEART fundraiser tours and buy something anywhere from 2,000 to beyond 50,000 dollars. Part proceeds a dollar at a time towards of funds.. as you know we have no offical sponsors financially that is.


JOB TITLE: Administrative Secretary

TYPE: Contract



INDUSTRY: Arts and Entertainment

FUNCTIONS: Administrative, Writer, Editor, Site Maintenance

COMPENSATION: Stipend, Benefits. Pending discussion

REFERRAL BONUS: Experience, reference, certificate of acknowledgement, any other package pending discussion

If you possess a flair for writing, can work on your own, is creative, and willing to learn skills such as computer, website, writing on the job, this internship on a part time basis is for you. Your creative skills are needed to assist in keeping records, filing, maintaing, reporting on projects, writing reports, updating website and other areas such as facebook from time to time. You may be required to make phone calls and follow-up on interviews, events projects, also by phone etc.

Foundation exisits to empower creative mind of today’s youth.

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