Fascinating things happen at hotels and other locations across Jamaica. Now Love TV of Jamaica partners with the Foundation to expose cretive talent.

SUITE JAMAICA exists to:
1. Assist Jamaican artists to earn
2. Allow guests, visitors to acquire authentic piece of Jamaica without leaving hotel, or going too far from specific locations, through sales of artwork by Jamaican artists. NB: Affordable art, snap prices on Art patch series for that last minute shopper with just enough to take home in or out of Jamaica.
3. Sensitise guests/visitors and Jamaicans too on Jamaican arts, creativity, culture
4. Raise a contribution for OAaSIS projects

LOCATION involvement
The latest installment is at the First Caribbean Bank, to first world level resulting from a partnership between bank and Anthea McGibbon.
A privately-set up gallery, the management of the bank consider it their tool to allowing a proper linkage between Jamaican artists, the Diaspora and international visitors.
Curator is Anthea McGibbon, an artist herself and founder of OAaSIS International Foundation, with experience in gallery operations, journalism, the arts, paralegal and more.

You may want to visit www.antheamcgibbon.com/suite-jamaica.htm to learn more. At leat visit to se who’s showing currently.

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