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There is no discrimination regardless of your sex, colour, intelligence level, religion, creed….

HOWEVER, All posts in this group MUST relate to our objectives, topic, vision. Therefore, in realising that creativity and the arts exist in all facets of life, it is pertinent that you tailor your information so that others can understand how your posts relate and contribute to our main objectives and purpose as the OaaSIS International Foundation (empowering creative minds, inspiring, influencing greatness!) … Otherwise if you continue to be political or superficial in any way through your posts, YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!

If you have an article you’d love to get published, and it falls out of the realm of this group… please send it by email to It’s is poosible it will get posted on the fastest growing media website – Check it out! Consider.. but please post only what relates to this group. REMEMBER imposing yor views on other persons is NEVER the way to go. Be senstive as to the reasons others join, and continue to smile through all weather conditions of this group!!!!

See more on foundation at this link!

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