OAaSIS management recently reflected on the events of 2010.
OAaSIS Workshops were held throughout the year 2010, with more companies coming aboard to offer products.
The workshops were held throughout primary, prep and high schools. The first being at Alman Town Primary, the last being at Ewarton Secondary High School.
Following the workshop at Sargeantville, a decision was made to execute an art department and library at Sargeantville, St Catherine to serve at least 10,000 residents of that area and its immediate environs. Patrick Beckford, a Jamaican living abroad pledged to collect books to assist in stocking the library. Canadians Bill and Kris King are collecting books in Canada. A building has since been donated by the Methodist Church run by Pastors Bailey and Bucknol.
No financial sponsors were secured. However, the entity began its own series of fundraising projects starting with an art expo at Copules Swept Away, Negril from December 6-12 following a promotional exhibition at Liguanea Club, New Kingston. Thereafter the entity held exhibitions at VMBS, New Kingston.
At the expo in Negril, founder Anthea McGibbon forged partnerships with galleries and similar entities from overseas pledging to assist the Foundation in its varied objectives such as raising funds. A personal invitation was extended to mount similar exhibitions in Canada.
Earlier in the year, the Foundation was given a chance to mount an exhibition in October at a Florida gallery, but this was postponed to 2011 when a date can be set and proper arrangements can be made.
The foundation has requested computers and office equipment from Food for the Poor, and will in 2011 actively seek an administrative assistant.
Present at the meeting were Anthea McGibbon and Dwane Forbes. The accountant, Allan Bucknol, is being contacted to sort financial records, especially of the recent fundraiser expo.

2 thoughts on “OAaSIS update as at January 4, 2011

  1. Good evening, I would just like to commend you on the work that you and your team from the Oaasis are doing,i think it wonderful to have people looking out for the youths of Jamaica and helping them to be apart of the art world.i take your work as an inspiration to try and be influential to those around me,thank you!
    Shanique Brown

  2. Hi Shanique
    Thank you for your kind remarks filled with challenge.
    Stay connected and keep sharing!

    Anthea McGibbon, Founder

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