The OAaSIS International Foundation invites all interested artistes to participate in a special fundraiser music video.
According to its founder, Anthea McGibbon, the list of areas seeking the input of the Foundation is growing along with the supplies list and incurerd expenses.
The presenting group is more tightly knitted with some committed to all venues, but the programme is not without its share of expenses such as materials. The current project is a creative workshop series which is only the first phase of the foundation which seeks to empower creative minds.

The impact has been tremendous and all areas visited are scheduled for follow up visits, to ensure the youth makes tangible progress beyond being sensitised to arts, culture and creativity as a combined tool to development.
Other projects slated are special arts online careers library, book publishing and where they can be innovative in earning their own income as indiviuals and a community. By year end the Foundation hopes to open a library in St Catherine where children have to walk miles to school and to seek jobs.
Funds, and more funds are therefore needed for the not-for-profit entity.
The OAaSIS Foundation is in the process of making a music video series for raising needed funding for our projects. The music video is a selected method, as the foundation is all about bridging gaps between professional and successful artistes and the youth, impressing upon them also real talent that exist here. At the same time, business heads are also to be sensitised on our creative talent and what OAaSIS is all about.
Artistes, please join OAaSIS in singing a tune, line or two!
Deejays and musicians are needed too.
Call in your commitment, or sign up on facebook.
Please compose your section of a line, 2, or three
Then contact us when you are ready to sing like a bee
OAaSIS recording team will then pop by
And record you in good time
Then the team will splice it together again
All towards a positive end
For all on and off TV to attend
With all special friends

OAaSIS is about empowering the creative mind of the youth, so they understand arts, creativity, culture as an effective tool to development, success, rising
Free from barrel mentality
We all have the creative genius inside us — understanding and utilising our creative tool and Rising to be who we are as a creative nation

THEME: Operate Advance and Serve in Skills
/… to empower the creative mind of today’s youth to see them develop quicker, better

We are inviting persons to support the foundation.

SO FAR artistes confirming are –
Boom Steppa
Rollie Fresh
Sophia Brown
DJ Davonish
Peter Lloyd
Alton Ellis Jnr
Abatua Barrett & 3sis

Leighton Levy, Communications Director, 561-4445
Robin Chin, Videographer, 472-9725
Patrick James, Graphic Designer 790-1941
Melhanie Spence, Projects Co-ordinator, 842-1496
Anthea McGibbon, Projects Director 412-9766

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