A project of love – ONE LOVE!
OAaSIS International Foundation in collaboration the Trench Town Culture Yard, sculptor Jah Bobby, Berger Paints will be ‘dressing up Bob Marley’.
The statue of Bob Marley has been earmarked for restoration by a team of volunteers. According to the Founder, volunteers are still being sought, but the decision was made after the July 17 workshop held there by the foundation. The original intention was to have it restored for the workshops, but only now has the sculptor Jah Bobby been contacted.

Statue earmarked

Head of the Culture Yard, Ferdie Bent is anxious to see this done, and is also commited to assist in the statue’s restoration.

Volunteers are sought to assist with
a. the restoration under the guidance of Jah bobby
b. the repainting of the Bob Marley statue
c. a mural on the zinc sheets behind the statue right there in the Trench Town Culture Yard. The request made by Ferdie Bent who also has an image in mind.

Jah Bobby told OAaSIS that the statue was on loan to Rita Marley, who since had it placed in the culture yard. He now resides in New York, but is willing to work with a team to restore it.
To the Foundation , for the project, Berger Paint has commited a donation of some paint
You may however contribute to other supplies and refreshments!

You may lodge funds to National Commercial Bank, Duke Street.
NCB account number #: 064666886

See original statue at http://www.worldofstock.com/closeups/PFA1068.php

For more information please contact:
Anthea McGibbon (876)-797-7297/ (305)-648-6963
Patrick James 790-1941
Melhanie Spence (876)-842-1496

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