The week of September 11-17 could be considered a step forward. So far, in the past two months, the foundation has had two successful exhibitions at First Caribbean bank, under the sub group – Suite Jamaica.
We reflect on the success of volunteers Peter Lloyd and Boom Steppa, both creating musical waves abroad. Peter Lloyd expanded his fan base in Holland and Netherlands with workshops throughout schools and even made it to the front page of local newspapers there. Meantime Boom Steppa stepped up his offerings to increased number of German fans.
From exhibitions in July, both Ewan Dain and Howard Moo Young made contributions which went towards defraying expenses for the point-of-sales machine contracted from NCB.
Suite Jamaica is currently in negotiations to host exhibitions at two major spots in Button Bay, St Elizabeth and Lucea.
Interesting enough, from September 4-17, much global interest has been stirred. Diaspora members have expressed a commitment to send more books for the library, as well as Pete Edwards from Florida has been actively engaged in securing stationary from Office Depot.
Locally, the library project has slowed only in terms of work on the building for lack of material.
A meeting is to be held with the temporary committee, following a meeting with immediate heads of the Foundation and church.
Secretary Marvette Dobbs, has been actively trying to secure internet for the library, while Marlene Reid from the Shipping Association is working at securing computers needed.
Tina Mowatt, singer and poet, committed to giving her voice to assist in fundraising. Following that four persons have been selected so far from the pool of applications of posts advertised to strengthen the core team.
They are Malesia Frazer(PIcyc), Sophia Dowe(PIcyc), Meekel Beecher(PR), and Chantal Cogel(PR).
In order to secure better fundraising ventures, the team will assume specific roles starting today September 19. Some of the ventures being looked at include;
benefit shows
EXHIBITIONS coming up:
Suite Jamaica at First Caribbean September 23-30
Suite Jamaica at First Caribbean October 21-28
Independent VoYces Literary Festival, November 5-6
Suite Jamaica at LIFE, St Andrew, November 5

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