One of the respected elders / natural mystics in Trench Town Stoneman is critical to the OAaSIS International Foundation, serving as the videographer.
When he is not video recording however, Stoneman busies himself either tending to the plants, herbs and trees of the Trench Town Culture Yard, or collecting and preparing stones for his garden. Sometimes he pauses from his stone garden to give advice to those who come seeking, or to share the fruits of his labour such as the Yard’s crops. He is also handyman and a tour guides at the Trench Town Culture Yard. As a visual artist, he paints on fabric.

Capturing memories with master painter Alexander Cooper (at right), after a dinner at the Cooper's House, are from left Mrs Ann Cooper, Nobby, Oswald 'Stoneman' Comrie, Sylbourne Sydial (from the UK diaspora), master painter Bernard Hoyes (OAaSIS patron): ANTHEA McGIBBON PHOTO

On this occasion he pauses for an interview, not with the usual media visitors from Roots FM or even Bess FM, but with the team of the OAaSIS International Foundation, for a feature.
He is quick to share, recognising the little passed on among the Jamaican people, for whom oral history has been crucial. Not much he says has been passed on about what really matters such as the true history of the Black people, the African and Jamaicans, especially things that makes them recognise their

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