Interesting enough, this is a video although posted to You Tube over a year ago, is still being circulated today to stir interest.
Journeying through Trench Town

OAaSIS is working in Trench Town encouraging use of creativity, and several kids who do put their creativity to good use – in singing, poertry, drawing.. etc. YET this is not hoighlighted to be encouraged..

AND NOW it’s anybody’s wonder..
1. do we really want change
2. to what end do we highlight these interviews about who’se scared and what..
3. WHY dont we promote change and solutinos that are working so more people come aboard. So you send out a video and rAISE PASSION.. then WAT.. WE CRY WE LAMENT.. then what..
4. With that video going out.. WHAT NEXT for real change for Jamaica—

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