It truley is beautiful and heart rendering to see more ART APPRECIATION persons worldwide taking special interest in improving Jamaica as we know it. So many groups have begun on Facebook alone.

Kudos to those who have been critical to ourJamaica’s development in art and culture. Jamaicans such as the late Louise Bennett, Barrington Watson, Bryan McFarlane, Henry Eccleston, Professor Rex Nettleford, Former Prime Minister of Jamaica the Honourable Edward Seaga.

Much power and support to those who now take up the mantle like Amina Blackwood Meeks, Lloyd Stanbury, Minister Babsy Grange, Minister Andrew Holness etc.

As a writer, and an artist, I started a foundation last year to be a part of the solution, and to enable others to assist too even in the most minute way. Dont worry – I’ve been working with and creating art clubs for over 20 years.
It’s called OAaSIS – to operate, advance and serve in skills.

I am impregnated with a vision to see more Jamaicans strive to improve our status, AS ONE people. Too little persons realise that our youth are going to be caught in a vacuum IF they continue the way they are.. clueless as to their potential, and with little connectivity to their ancestors.
Then I worry about the many influences being absorbed without balance.

SO IN PARTNERSHIP and SUPPORT of ALL GROUPS committed to improving Jamaica as we know it from wherever we are in this world….
OAaSIS Foundation is set up to sensitise others about the country’s culture, promote skills, and unique expressions of Jamaicans and yes the Caribbean people too.
We intend to assist young Jamaicans to recognise their own talent, and the power of being creative. Being in touch with one

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