Swept Away Negril as title sponsor will host “Be Swept Away by Jamaica’s beauties’, an expo of arts, creativity and culture, in Negril between December 6 – 22.
The exhibition set to open Monday, December 6 at 5:30p.m. has three purposes, the first being to immerse especially tourists in the creative power, artistes, products by Jamaicans. Nonetheless Jamaicans in attendance will also be exposed to talents by their fellow countrymen from a different persepective.
Hotelier Jane Issa is known for exhibitions to allow artists to earn from their talent. This time however, she has extended the courtesy to the Foundation as a fundraiser for it’s projects.
OAaSIS volunteers will also present a new element – workshops on sketching, photography, writing and more.
The main project of the foundation is a creative workshop series for both primary and secondary schools, material for art department and libraries, Pickney International creative club.
For the event there will be exhibits of fine art, craft items and other products for sale, demonstrations, workshops, performances.

Priority is being given to artists, at different tiers of experience and skill, who have been volunteering with the Foundation over an extended period. The visual list includes patron Barrington Watson, Rico, Pinksque Green, Dwayne Hamilton, Ewan Mcanuff, Rico, Howard Moo Young. Craft will be shown by resident artists of Trench Town. The themes range from flora and fauna, lifestyle, people and more.

Bob Marley's former 'single Room' in Trench Town by New-York based W Henry Eccleston

American Nicholas daSilva contributes from his comic book series on Jamaica’s reggae superstars. Other books will include “The Art of Jamaica’ and “Barrington: 50 years of drawing 1958-2008”.
Performances will be by Jermaine Gordon, Rollie Fresh and Boom Steppa who have been loyal to the Foundation since inception, despite their own rise to fame and impact whever the entitty visits.
Keynote speaker will be Howard Moo Young with mastery skills in graphic design, photography, calligraphy who became a household name for the work he did for businessplaces across Jamaica, as well as garnering international acclaim with his One Love Bob Marley series. Hotelier Jane Issa will also make an address at the opening.
Funds will be shared between the artists and the foundation, as allowed by the sponsoring hotel.


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