Berger Paints product range
Berger Paints product range

Berger Paints offers a rainbow of colour, a lifetime of beauty and protection with products

With Berger Paints one can make their most colourful imagination visible to the world. This year the company redesigns its tin containers, supporting the Go-green campaign, and for the ease-of-use by its product users. The company has literally thousands of paints and products to fill each tin with the information now printed directly on the outside.

SARA TAYLOR PHOTO: Faux Finish-students doing patterns with Berger pant on tools

As the largest paint manufacturer company in the English speaking Caribbean, the company in its 57 years has not stopped introducing new products and colour hues to keep Jamaicans holding their brushes. Their commitment to protect the environment is also never-ending as evidenced by the “Best Environmental Management Programme Award” given by the Jamaica Manufacturing association.

Located at Spanish Town Road, the local branch of the Asian company Berger Paints has been operating since 1953. Back then they opened as the New World Paints Limited, and have remained at the Spanish Town location.

During the early years till 1960 they were operating with 10 staff members, and by 1970 the company to introduce resin to the English speaking world introduced their paint products for which they still are known even today. Berger 303 Flat Emulsion, 404 Gloss Oil, Everglow Low Sheen Emulsion and the economically priced Magicote Flat Emulsion- to name a few – were first offered to Jamaicans.

They also launched their automotive paint during that time.

This year Berger introduced two new products namely — and excited patrons with a limited supply of special tools to assist in Faux Finish design such as the “wood pattern, sponge apply.” So while some patrons freely roamed the storytime-tell-tale house well designed, propped and created with company products at the Spanish Town Road location, other users were sent off to experiencing first hand the new effects that could be had with the latest products. At the Spanish Town Road location visitors to the little “almost fairytale “ house can feel and witness the application of products which are used to either create or decorate the mini-home. You almost want to stay until you’ve heard a real ole time Jamaican story.

The board of directors include Jalaj Dani, Warren McDonald, Pokar Chandiram C.D., Michael Fennell O.J., Gokul Manjeshwar, Milton Samuda. At all levels the staff members are humble, down to earth and envelop visitors with a positive energy that sets even the most dormant mind running with imagination and vivid ideas. The staff members at any level dons warn smiles and each is willing to serve visitors till their every need is met.

The company because of its services offered locally and with impressive style have earned the “Best operating company in the group.” With a high focus on customer satisfaction, and extension of the family bond of staff members, the company gives much to charities. This is of course in addition to their variety of promotional materials such as tee-shirts, caps Jamaicans wear proudly and the one-on-one workshops they do. Aside from donating paints to schools and communities, Berger has adopted the OAaSIS International Foundation geared at sensitising youth to arts, creativity and culture as a critical tool to development and advancement. Managers are on call to teach youth about the products especially the paints of the company at the foundation’s creative workshop series.


1970 – 1992 was a critical period for Berger, the time of its introduction to and development in the modern world, and so equipment, machinery were upgraded or change to keep abreast with modern technology.

By 2003, Berger achieved ISO 9002:1994 Certification in August 1998, endorsing the fact that the Company’s operations are consistent with recognised international quality standards.

Berger 2020 is just one of the many products introduced over the years, and each catering to varied needs of average Jamaicans. Berger 2020 has for example a very low odour.

PRODUCTS IN SUMMARY (years reflect when product was introduced to public)

1982 – 1992

§ Water-based Roof Compound
§ Water-based Floor Paint
§ Colorizer Tinting system with over 1,000 colours
§ Nature’s Whites colour concept; fashion colours in Flat and Low Sheen
§ Standox Automotive Finishing System; a new high tech automotive paint system based on technology from Herberts of Germany which is a leading manufacture of original car paint systems for Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Volvo, Audi and other European cars.
§ Carboline, heavy-duty industrial products.


Berger introduced the Colour World tinting system which added 1,320 colours to its colour range. The colours from Berger’s other colour offers, Folio and Colorizer, are also available through Berger Colour World. All colours continue to be available in the brands 303 Flat Emulsion, Everglow Low Sheen Emulsion and High Gloss Enamel. Over 5,000 COLOURS are available and Berger can formulate virtually any colour!


§ Berger Trowel-On S.T. – a sprayable textured product which can also be applied by roller.

§ Berger Weatherproof Plus – a flat exterior paint with special anti-
fungus and anti-algae properties


an environmentally friendly paint remover, Paint Remover MCF

In 2007 four new products were launched:

§ Berger Concrete Primer – a primer specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion on cement, masonry and plaster surfaces and to reduce the cost of paint jobs.
§ Berger Concrete Primer CW – specially formulated to enhance opacity of a number of the Berger Colour World tint shades while providing excellent adhesion on cement, masonry and plaster surfaces.
§ Swimming Pool Paint – specially formulated to ensure that pools remain beautiful and protected for longer periods. Application is by brush, roller or spray.
§ Aqua-Grip Wood Primer – This versatile water based wood primer is suitable for both interior and exterior use and use on various types of wood, for example, natural woods, plywood, chipboard and fibreboard. It is ideal for use with Berger 2020.

In addition, Berger 2020 became available in over 800 colours through the Berger Colour World Tint System.

Berger Royale Silk Interior Emulsion and Berger Weatherproof Ultra.
Berger Royale Silk Interior Emulsion with special stain and fungus resistance is available in 5,000 plus Colour World colours.
Berger Weatherproof Ultra, a durable and long lasting exterior paint with special algae resistance is offered with a seven (7) year warranty.


An Oil Based Wood Stain to complement the water based stain and strengthen the range of wood care products;
An Exterior Surface Compound to seal and smooth surfaces and fill cracks and other imperfections

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